VR Porn Can Change Your Sex Life

Sex and masturbation as we know it, are changing drastically. It all has to do with the new technology being delivered through virtual reality porn. Looking at porn online is already something millions of people do every day. It’s where they find whatever type of pornography they may be into. Adult sites provide users with content to help them with whatever fetishes, sexual fantasies or curiosity they may have. But more importantly, great porn to aid them with masturbating.

For those who thought looking at porn the old-fashioned way was great, get ready. Virtual reality is here and it’s being implemented into porno. The result has been an explosive experience for those who try it. The 360-degree viewing outcome VR porn renders, is unlike anything you may have ever seen. All you need is a headset, VR porn video and a private place. Within moments, you will be completely immersed into porn like never before. Due to the tremendous differences and immersive experience VR porn renders, some are calling it the future of sex. Or an outcome that can change your sex life completely.

Virtual reality has been around for some time. Companies use it for delivering information to clients and employees. Doctors and surgeons utilize it to help teach others about surgery. There are also sports, apps and other industries which use VR and augmented reality. But, nothing is being impacted as greatly as pornography due to virtual reality. Unlike other industries, adult companies are investing a great deal of money into VR. They believe it will help define how people masturbate and have sex in the coming years. Interestingly enough, most of that is already taking place as new possibilities are opening each day.

Presently, there are teledildonic sex dolls which can be connected and integrated with VR porn videos. You also have apps that allow people to use them in unison with these sex toys. Combined with virtual reality, they result in a new form of having sex. Even if it is via a virtual reality world, individuals have options they never had before. Plus, those who can afford it, have more ways to find sexual release with VR. Some of the real life sex dolls on the market today, are VR compatible. That means what you see in a VR porn video, can be carried out by the sex doll in front of you. It is almost as having a girlfriend next to you willing to do all you want. Except she is a doll and controlled via virtual reality interactive porn.

Pornography is already popular as a tool used to find sexual release. Those who are stressed and need to lose themselves in porno, do so all the time. Yet with virtual reality, you can literally put on blinders and immerse yourself into what you are watching. People’s sexual fantasies and needs are being answered with VR porn. Couples who are far away from each other use it to find intimacy. Those who are lonely and need virtual reality partners, find them in the VR universe. There are also VR sex games and other related content. All of these options are available with one thing in mind. That is to help the individual find sexual release and gratification when it comes to sex, fetishes and fantasies.

VR porno is significantly different than regular pornography. Anyone who watches normal porn does so in front of a screen. Although it gets the job done, it is nothing like VR. In virtual reality porn videos, the user is carried into whichever sex scene they are viewing. The person wearing the VR headset is immersed into what they are looking at. All of this is done because of the way VR porn videos are recorded. The point of view used by VR porn is 180 degrees. A male body is put in place that pretty much looks like it belongs to the person wearing the VR gear. That renders the appearance and feel as if it is you in the video. You can see a hot girl is stripping, touching her tits and playing with herself. But, it all feels and looks as if she is doing it in front of you.

The difference in normal porn and VR porn can be seen by the rise in VR porn. The past year alone, most adult sites have increased their VR porn videos by 200%. In addition, the majority of VR porn videos obtain more than 10 million views each month. All of these statistics prove just how immersive and enjoyable virtual reality is. And how starkly different if looks and feels from traditional porn.

While no one really knows what the future holds, one can speculate. That is exactly what the porn industry is doing when it comes to virtual reality. They believe it has already changed how people are masturbating. It has already changed how people are having sex and intimacy. As the VR technology improves, so will how people have sex. That’s exactly what the porn industry is banking on.